As expected, Jin-Woo didn’t give the American time to recover and dashed towards him. That was the sight of an experienced hunter. It seemed as if he had aimed for that moment before his target had regained the balance. However, his prey was the quicker of the two to react this time.

Thomas Andre discarded all arrogant thoughts from his head. He also realised that he might lose today if he continued to fight while being considerate towards his surroundings.

His opponent this time was far, far tougher than his initial expectation.


When he muttered out those words, his body, armed with muscles that had transformed into solid armour, suddenly ballooned up explosively.


His near two-metre-tall physique transformed into a monster over three metres tall in the blink of an eye.


Thomas Andre roared out like an angry beast and raised both of his arms, now as thick as a marble pillar, high above his head. All of this happened way too fast!


Jin-Woo, in the middle of his sprint, sensed danger up ahead.

‘What could it be?’

His brain fell into a dilemma. The thing was, not once did his instincts lie to him in moments of great peril. Jin-Woo hurriedly stopped his forward movement and almost at the same time, jumped backwards.

With the difference of a millisecond, Thomas Andre’s massive fists pounded on the ground below.