Sure enough….

One of the doctors in charge, who proceeded to check and observe Yu Myung-Han’s condition throughout the night, continued to tilt his
head this way and that while staring into the medical chart containing the good Chairman’s test results.

“How can any of this make sense…..”

Yu Myung-Han saw the expression on the doctor’s face and cautiously asked.

“Are my results that bad?”

The doctor hurriedly waved his hand around.

“Ahh, no, it’s not that, sir. It’s the complete opposite, in fact.”

He resumed staring back at the results as if to bore a hole through the paper and carefully asked his question some time later.

“Chairman, by any chance, have you taken your high blood pressure medication before taking these tests?”

Only up until last night, he was hanging precariously on the edge of death. He might be awake now, but that didn’t mean Yu Myung-Han
had the spare mental capacity to take his meds on time.

“No, I haven’t.”

Yu Myung-Han shook his head.

The doctor nodded his as if he knew that answer was coming. Then, he formed a troubled expression as he made his reply.

“Even without the medication, your blood pressure seems to have completely stabilised to a healthy level. No, wait. With your current level,
you could even confidently say that you’re even healthier than a regular person, sir.”

Chairman Yu Myung-Han’s eyes grew really large then.
‘What on earth is he talking about??’

He thought that only death awaited him after entering the ‘final sleep’ state, but after waking up, even the chronic high blood pressure he’d
been suffering from for a long time had all been cured away??

The doctor in charge continued to read the medical chart.

“And also, the rest of your bodily functions have reverted back to being perfectly healthy as well. Chairman, if I were to forget about your
current age, then I’d have believed that I was looking at a test result from a young man in his early twenties.”

How could such a thing even happen?

As great was Chairman Yu Myung-Han’s surprise, the doctor’s own astonishment was even greater and he struggled to hide that fact from
showing up on his expression. His own two eyes definitely saw the results, yet he could hardly believe them even then.

Chairman Yu collapsed for the first time a few weeks ago and was brought to this hospital back then. The results of tests taken on that day
were printed on a separate medical chart, and the ink on that thing barely had the chance to dry properly yet.

So, how could anyone go about explaining this completely befuddling test result coming out only a few weeks later?

Did he drastically change his lifestyle or some such during that time period? Not to forget, he was wasting away from an incurable illness
only a night before, too.

The doctor in charge confessed what was in his mind without holding back.

“I’ve been a doctor for 30 years or so, but this would be my very first time something like this has happened. This… this can only be
described as a miracle and nothing else.”

A patient woke up from the ‘final sleep’ state of the Eternal Sleep disorder, and on top of that, his body had become even healthier than
when he went to sleep, too.

Didn’t the word ‘miracle’ exist precisely to describe a situation such as this one right here?

The doctor couldn’t hide his astonishment anymore and let a soft gasp of admiration escape from his mouth before a bright smile bloomed
on his face.

“Congratulations, Chairman Yu. Your Eternal Sleep disorder has been cured completely.”

He then added that the Chairman was healthy enough to start running the length of a full marathon course right now if he wanted to.


Instead of celebrating, Yu Myung-Han pondered something for a while before raising his head to look at the doctor.

“By any chance, are there cameras installed near the hospital room I’ve been staying at?”

“Pardon? I don’t understand what…..”

“There is something I’d like to confirm first. Are there any cameras installed inside the room or around the entrance itself?”

“There are none within the room, but there should be one by its entrance.”

‘Very good.’

Yu Myung-Han nodded his head.

‘Something like this can not be a coincidence.’

Indeed, this matter had gone far beyond treating it as pure coincidence now. There was little doubt that someone possessing an
unfathomable ability had intervened in this matter somehow.

And he had a fairly good hunch who that someone might be.

‘I’ve ended up owing him a great deal.’

Yu Myung-Han had lived without owing anyone in his entire life. And he wasn’t planning to start now. But then again, how was he
supposed to go about paying the debt of saving his life?

No, more than that. Putting aside the idea of paying or not paying the debt, wouldn’t it be a common sense to at least find out the name of
his saviour first?

Yu Myung-Han wished to confirm that personally.

“I’d like to view the footage from the CCTV cameras taken last night.”


Quite obviously, the cameras failed to capture anything.

“Right here. This is the only odd thing that happened, the doorway malfunctioning this one time.”

The guard pointed at the screen and explained what happened back then. The windows were confirmed to be locked from the inside, so
the sole exit left in that hospital room was the doorway.
However, all four guards manning the door said the same thing. They said that not even a single ant had entered the room during their
watch. And since these guys were professionals hired from a dedicated security company, they wouldn’t make mistakes regarding such


Yu Myung-Han couldn’t have imagined that Jin-Woo possessed the skill ‘Stealth’ and so, his thoughts had become quite complicated as a

Around this time, Secretary Kim hurriedly entered the security room as well to bring some news.

“Chairman. I’ve found out what you asked for.”

“Alright. What’s the news?”

“That is….”

Secretary Kim became extra mindful of the surrounding eyes and ears, leaned in closer and cupped his hand on Yu Myung-Han’s ear to
whisper his findings.

“I lodged an inquiry to the Association, and they say Seong Jin-Woo Hunter-nim was in Japan the whole time. He’s only scheduled to
return to the country around tomorrow or so.”


Here he was, thinking that no one else would be capable of making this event happen unless it was Hunter Seong Jin-Woo himself.

Yu Myung-Han finally admitted to making a wrong guess. He now realised that it couldn’t have been that young rank S Hunter.

‘If so, then why….’

Even though he had confirmed through all this evidence, why did a certain amount of suspicion remain rooted in the corner of his heart?

He just couldn’t understand it at all.

However, there was one thing Chairman Yu Myung-Han and Jin-Woo had in common. And that would be – they were rather decisive in
moving on when stuck with a quandary they couldn’t solve just yet.

“I see.”

Yu Myung-Han carried on.
“The doctor says I’m healthy enough to even run a marathon right now. I shall return to the company tomorrow so make the appropriate
arrangements, please.”

One could say that this was more like him.

Having realised that the attitude of Yu Myung-Han was still the same as before, Secretary Kim barely held back his laughter and replied.

“Sir. Do you know what the mass media is calling you right now?”

It was obvious that there would be quite a bit of chaos unfolding outside right about now, since a guy who was as good as dead only
yesterday had gotten back up on his feet perfectly fine.

However, why would such a thing be treated as something big?

Yu Myung-Han asked without a single noticeable change in his expression.

“What are they calling me this time?”

“The Invincible, sir. They are calling you the Invincible.”

“The Invincible, is it?”

Yu Myung-Han wouldn’t break out into a smile that easily over anything but even then, the corners of his lips arched up ever so slightly
after he heard that nickname.


Mass media had been calling him with useless labels like ‘Hand of Midas’ or even ‘Pokerface’ but rather surprisingly, they managed to
cook up a somewhat okay-sounding nickname this time.


Yu Myung-Han slowly chewed on this new nickname and formed a satisfied smile.

“The Invincible, is it. The Invincible….”

Didn’t this nickname suit him perfectly, when he had never bowed down regardless of the obstacle blocking his path and even managed to
survive the threat of a deadly illness?

Yu Myung-Han gratefully accepted this second chance at life and smiled contentedly.

“I really like that one.”

While Korea was set abuzz with the news of Chairman Yu Myung-Han…

Jin-Woo had sneaked back into Japan and eventually, succeeded in gathering all 29 Giant Shadow Soldiers.


Feeling legit emotional right now, Jin-Woo made the giant soldiers line up starting from No.1 to No.29.

The process of searching for the remains of the giants to extract new soldiers reminded him of a certain video game. But the fruit of his
hard labour so far was monumentally tastier than any video game’s quests and he even kind of felt apologetic for thinking of comparing the
two in the first place.

The Giant Shadow Soldier No.29.

Looking at the imposing figures of twenty-nine giants with black smokes constantly rising up from their bodies standing tall before him, Jin-
Woo felt as if he had gained a whole new army of thousand troops and warhorses.

‘It’s a bit of a shame that one of them escaped from my grasp, but….’

Excluding the one guarding the Gate, the total of the Giant-type monsters emerging from there was thirty. One of them had escaped to the
ocean and it was not possible to extract its shadow anymore.

Still, the sense of accomplishment welled up from deep within his heart now that he had successfully gathered up all 29 of them. And with
them standing tall and proud in a single location like this, the ruined cityscape suddenly felt rather full all of a sudden.

Of course, Jin-Woo didn’t summon all of his giant soldiers out just so he could decorate this empty city, nor was he admiring his new Giant
soldier collection, either.

He scanned the Giant soldiers and addressed them.

“Who among you are the strongest?”

There was a need to find the one soldier among the giants that could serve as the leader to control the others, just like how Beru did with
the ant battalion, Igrit with the elite soldier battalion, and Fangs with the High Orc battalion.

The Giant soldiers busily looked around at each other and didn’t want to step up. Beru standing by the side couldn’t endure this sight any
longer, so he stepped forward and screeched out loudly.


The shoulders of the Giants all flinched greatly at that powerful screech seemingly vicious enough to rip the atmosphere in shreds.
But then again, there were a few of them who got killed by Beru, and even if others were lucky enough to avoid that fate, they should still
sense the clear gap in power between him and them. It was quite understandable why they would be scared of him.


Only after receiving that hot, harsh scolding from Beru did one of the Giant soldiers hesitantly raise his hand.

Beru turned around and bowed to his Sovereign. Jin-Woo raised his thumb up high, feeling quite impressed.

“Nice work.”

But then, this happened. Something both Jin-Woo and Beru didn’t expect unfolded next.

Another Giant soldier watched the hand of his compatriot raise up and quickly raised his own, as well. The glint in his eyes even said,
“Regardless of what, I’m better than that guy”.


As it turned out, the soldiers weren’t hesitating and waiting for others to make a move first but simply that, they didn’t know who was the
strongest among them until now.

Jin-Woo smirked a little at this unexpected situation and called those two out to the front.

“No.22 and No.6, to the front.”

No.6 and his unusually large fists, and No.22 with an overall sturdier-looking frame strode forward valiantly.

Jin-Woo’s eyes narrowed to a slit.


Just like the assertions of these two soldiers, their individual quantities of magic energy were quite similar to each other. Even Jin-Woo’s
excellent sensory perception had a hard time telling them apart.

Now that the matter had come to this, there was only one way to solve it. Jin-Woo grinned brightly.

“I’m sure both of you are ready, right?”

No.6 and No.22 stood facing each other. Their eyes were practically shooting out flames born from their powerful desires not to yield, no
matter what.

As soon as Jin-Woo gave his signal, the two giant soldiers entered into a messy dogfight.

Boom! Thud!! Bang!!

At the end of a lengthy fight, No.6 and his big fist managed to beat No.22 down by a paper-thin margin of victory.

“Nice work. From here on, No.6 will be appointed as the leader of the Giant soldier battalion.”

The big-fist Giant raised both of his fists high up in the air, prompting the other Shadow Soldiers watching to cheer on loudly as well.

‘So, that’s the issue of the Giants’ leader all sorted out.’

With this, Jin-Woo had finally concluded all the business he had in Japan. He then summoned out his Status Window next.

‘Stat Window.’

Along with the familiar mechanical beep of “Tti-ring”, walls of texts and numbers rose up to fill his view.

Name: Seong Jin-Woo

Level: 122

Class: Shadow Sovereign

Title: Demon Hunter (extra 2)

HP: 65,230

MP: 115,160

Tiredness: 0


Strength: 292

Stamina: 281

Agility: 305
Intelligence: 310

Perception: 277

(Available points to distribute: 0)

Reduction in physical damage: 65%


Passive Skills

– (Unknown) Lv. MAX

– Tenacity Lv. 1

– Master of Shortsword Lv. MAX (TL: Changing this one from “Master of Dagger to Master of Shortsword)

Active Skills

– Quicksilver Lv. MAX

– Intimidation Lv. 2

– Violent Slash Lv. MAX

– Dagger Rush Lv. MAX

– Stealth Lv. 2

– Ruler’s Authority Lv. MAX

[Class-specific Skills]

Active Skills

– Shadow Extraction Lv. 2

– Shadow Storage Lv. 2

– Sovereign’s Territory Lv. 2
– Shadow Exchange Lv. 2

[Equipped Items]

Red Knight’s Helm (S)

Demon Sovereign’s Earrings (S)

Demon Sovereign’s Necklace (S)

Demon Sovereign’s Ring (S)

Truth Seeker’s Shirt (A)

Truth Seeker’s Gloves (A)

Truth Seeker’s Pants (A)

Truth Seeker’s Shoes (A)

The outcome of his Japanese expedition was all too easy to see. His Stat values that had gone through the roof like crazy were the first
things to catch his gaze.

Every one of his Stats was now hovering near the 300 mark, while the Intelligence Stat had shot past that number a while ago after
receiving his concerted investment for arguably the longest time out of the lot.

All these were the results of receiving the rewards from the Daily Quests he always made sure to complete every day, the level-ups he got
after hunting down the Giant monsters, as well as from the defensive artefacts he bought from the Store after completely exhausting his
stack of Gold.

‘The Truth Seeker armament set.’

Up until now, he didn’t care much for any of the available items in the Store. However, he had no clue how strong the other Sovereigns
and the Rulers were – the ones the angel statue and the King of Giants mentioned.

And he figured that he might need some kind of tools to protect him in case he ran into them somewhere along the line.

‘The King of Giants, almost half a corpse from his powers being sealed away like that, was already that powerful. So, it’s more than likely
others will also possess truly monstrous levels of strength.’

Jin-Woo recalled those six-winged angels he ‘met’ inside the memories of the Shadow Sovereign. If he were planning to fight them head-
on as well, then he simply had to become much stronger.
His gaze shifted up from the list of equipped items back up to where his level was listed.

[Level: 122]

Just killing one Sovereign resulted in his level jumping up by eight in one go.

He couldn’t even begin to imagine just how far he’d get to climb up once he started fighting against these Sovereigns or whatever they
were called.


His chest was pounding.

It was from fear.

And hidden just beneath that fear – he also could pick up on the throbbing of his heart from excitement, too.

‘I shall level up.’

And all the power earned through levelling up, it’d become the bedrock, the foundation, and the support in his effort to protect everything
he held dear.

His heart pulsed powerfully once more.

Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump!

The symphony of two hearts powerfully beating at the same time was enough to cause a dull aching pain within his ear canals.

However, this pain felt pleasant to him, instead.


Jin-Woo sensed someone’s approach and stored all of his Shadow Soldiers back into his shadow.


In a spot not too far from where he was, the Japanese Association helicopter coming to fetch him was making its noisy landing.

For the time being, he’d go home first.

Feeling genuinely happy now, Jin-Woo climbed aboard the helicopter.


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