“Block the exit!!”

Jeong Ye-Rim activated her skill, ‘Holy Wall’, and blocked up the entryway connecting the boss room and the passageway before it.


The Death Knight standing in front of the rushing horde noisily pounded on the invisible barrier. Her forehead soaked in cold sweat now,
Jeong Ye-Rim turned her head towards Park Jong-Su.

“Chairman! I won’t be able to hold this for more than five minutes, tops!”

“I know!”

Not only Park Jong-Su, but the rest of the assault team members had finished preparing for a battle in case the wall was breached.

But, when they took a good look at the undead monsters pressing forward like a horde of insects on the other side of the wall, they began
doubting whether they had any chances of winning here.

“All we can do here now is to pray that the summons kill the boss quickly and open up the path for us.”

Park Jong-Su looked back at the ants that should be facing off against the boss with a pair of desperate eyes. He prayed that the boss
was an easy monster to fight.

‘….Oh, my dear lord.’

His eyes opened even wider than before.

The boss monster currently standing in a face-off against the ants was something even Park Jong-Su knew of, after hearing about it many
times in the past.

A pale-faced ‘Mage’ wearing a tattered robe – the Arch Lich.

It was the strongest undead-type monster, thought to be the creature at the top of the undead food chain.

‘Why did it have to be a d*mn Arch Lich?!’

Park Jong-Su’s complexion darkened considerably.

He prayed for the summoned creatures to quickly kill the boss and help them out, but then, the opponent turned out to be a d*mn Arch
Lich. It’d be more realistic for the Hunters to get rid of the scores of undead first and help the summoned creatures out next.

It was then.

Beru took a step forward towards the Arch Lich.

The Arch Lich then immediately summoned over a dozen Death Knights around the ants and surrounded them.

Beru bared his fangs and extended its claws out.


The Arch Lich recognised the black smoke continuously rising up from Beru’s entire body. It was almost as if the completely-empty eye
sockets had widened for a second there.

“The Shadow Army??”

The language of the monsters came out from the Arch Lich’s mouth. Beru retracted his claws after hearing the boss’s words.