Indeed, Park Jong-Su was not confident at all of persuading the summoned creatures that they needed to stop the raid for the moment, so
they could start retrieving the remains of the dead monsters and the Magic Crystals.

He could only spit out a resigned sigh.

‘Yup, let’s just forget about it.’

His thoughts just went and did a 180.

They entered this Gate in order to let the world know that the Knight Order Guild was still going strong, didn’t they? It’d be perfectly
acceptable to show the world that they could still clear a rank A dungeon, the highest rated one at that, without a single casualty or
someone getting injured badly during the raid itself.

‘Not only that, without Hunter Seong Jin-Woo’s presence, too!’

Wasn’t it the case of no one would know of what happened inside a dungeon?

Even if those ants managed to defeat the boss, the folks outside would only remember the name of the Knight Order Guild, not the
creatures Hunter Seong Jin-Woo summoned out before leaving in a hurry.

Better still, once the boss died and the Gate closed, there would be no way to confirm the truth. Judging from Hunter Seong Jin-Woo’s
personality, he wasn’t the type to go around blabbing his mouth, either.

Park Jong-Su’s thought process arrived at that point and a smile floated up on his lips.

‘Well, isn’t this a fortune among misfortunes?’
It was then. The Hunters at the back of the pack suddenly became rather noisy.

“Chairman? There are a lot of things coming from our rear!”

“Yeah, I can hear them coming, too.”


Park Jong-Su tilted his head and walked to the rear of the team. And for sure, he could hear lots of footsteps as well.

‘Wait, did the retrieval team enter the Gate already?’

But, the highly-trained retrieval team of the Knight Order Guild wouldn’t have entered a dungeon without receiving an order first, so how
could this be?

Just as such thoughts entered his head….


Park Jong-Su’s brows shot up high. Because, the undead monsters, those the ants didn’t snack on, were busy rushing to where the
assault team was, all of them fully revived back to how they were.

‘C-could it be….??’

Did the ants chow up the undead because they knew this might happen?

Such a thought only lasted for a moment in his head. Park Jong-Su realised that his team wouldn’t be able to deal with that many
monsters, and hurriedly shouted out to his teammates.

“Everyone, enter the boss room, now!”

Their sole hope for survival was the summoned creatures left behind by Hunter Seong Jin-Woo. The assault team didn’t even have a
chance to confirm what was waiting for them inside the boss chamber and hurriedly jumped in.

After confirming that every last Hunter had entered, Park Jong-Su shouted out, veins popping up in his throat.