He thought as such and was about to tap the “Call” icon, but then, he heard an unexpected voice coming from behind him and stopped.

“I’ve already sent some of the Association’s agents over to speak to your mother, Seong Hunter-nim. They should be on their way to the
hospital as we speak.”

Jin-Woo looked behind him.

“Mister Association President.”

Goh Gun-Hui stood there, his complexion as dark as Jin-Woo’s.

Even though the President himself was not at fault here, as the person representing South Korea’s Hunter’s Association, he was feeling
the burden of responsibility for failing to prevent this tragedy. Jin-Woo could only express his gratitude for Goh Gun-Hui looking out for his
family even under the current circumstances.

That prompted Goh Gun-Hui to shake his head.
“No, it’s us that should be thanking you.”

Seventeen students survived.

It was only because of Jin-Woo’s arrival that those students among the trapped in the school building were able to get out of there alive.

“We are constantly in your debt, Hunter-nim.”

Jin-Woo could only smile bitterly at that.

He could have saved a lot more students if he were able to use the Shadow Exchange and get here right away. Such regret seeped clearly
into his expression.

Goh Gun-Hui could faintly sense what Jin-Woo was feeling right now from his expression. But the older man shook his head.

‘Now isn’t the time to wallow in our emotions.’

Indeed, didn’t he have something important to say to this young man? Goh Gun-Hui raised his head.