Jin-Woo nodded his head, his expression still remaining grave, and turned around to walk away. The staff member unconsciously
swallowed dry saliva while watching his back get further away.


The first thing those arriving here did was to confirm the status of the student named Seong Jin-Ah, as per the instruction from the
Association. Thankfully, she was unhurt. With the exception of abrasions suffered around her neck and wrists, there were no other injuries
on her.

Hunter Seong Jin-Woo was the one who had rescued her, so he should know that fact better than anyone, yet….

‘Even then, for him to be that p*ssed off….’

It was a good thing that he arrived on time, otherwise, how would he have reacted if something happened to his sister? The staff member
shuddered from the terrifying dizziness he suddenly felt just then.

It indeed was a huge relief.

Contrary to the relief of the staff member, though, Jin-Woo was feeling quite gloomy at the moment as he pulled out his phone.

‘I’m sure Mom’s about to get the news.’

Too many students lost their lives at the hands of the monsters. Rather obviously, his mother would feel like her world was about to
crumble after receiving the news.

‘Before that happens, I need to tell her that Jin-Ah’s okay.’