Crunch, crunch….

The eyes of the Hunters opened wider and wider from this horrifying spectacle.

“B-but, if they eat up everything like that, nothing will be left behind, you know?”

“Right. Even the Magic Crystals….”

The Hunters could only anxiously look on as the top-class Magic Crystals all ended up in the stomachs of these monsters, no, summoned

Unable to watch from the sidelines any longer, Jeong Ye-Rim hastily ran out.

“Don’t you know how expensive that is?!”

She tried to wrestle away the corpse of a Vampire, but that only managed to annoy the ant, and the creature swung its arm at her


She cried out and tumbled backwards after the ant’s claw cut into her forearm.



Just as she tried to get up while rubbing her butt….


By the time she regained her wits, the ant monster that swung its arm was standing before her. The creature had its gigantic maw and its
horrifying mandibles wide open as if to swallow her head whole.

Jeong Ye-Rim’s expression froze stiff at that moment.

“Ah…. Ah….”

It was then. Beru had come swooping in and turned that ant around. He opened his own maw wide just like how this ant did a moment
ago, and then….


…And then, he screeched out incredibly loudly.

Being subjected to the rage of an existence on another level, the ant creature couldn’t even meet Beru’s gaze and simply shivered in fear.


Beru let go of the ant’s shoulder, causing the creature to hurriedly scurry away from there. Jeong Ye-Rim watched this scene play out in a
total daze, but Beru approached her and extended his hand out.


Still stupefied over everything, she grabbed the offered hand and was able to finally stand back up.

“I, uh… T-tha….”

She was about to say something, only for her lips to stop. Because, she saw the gentle blue light circulating around Beru’s fingertips, that
was why.

“….Healing magic?!”

Jeong Ye-Rim’s brows shot up real high in surprise.

The wound in her arm healed up immediately the moment that blue light touched her. After confirming that her wound was completely
cured, Beru turned towards the ants and shouted out.


That caused the ants to end their mealtime and began moving deeper into the dungeon’s interior.

Jeong Ye-Rim watched the back of Beru and murmured to herself.
“How can…. a summon cast better healing magic than me??”