He was confident of killing them all in the blink of an eye.

He simply didn’t want to show his little sister or other kids what was about to happen in here, that was all.

And now, there were no more eyes watching. Meaning, there was nothing to restrict his actions now.


Jin-Woo’s gaze briefly drifted towards the stairs outside the classroom. He sensed two Orcs going downstairs while hiding their presence
to the best of their abilities. It seemed that they were going after the kids, but… it didn’t matter.

He had sent Igrit there, and Kaisel was circling around in the air, too.

‘So, the remaining task is to deal with these lot, then.’

Jin-Woo exhaled softly. The exiting air contained a heavy, dense amount of magic energy.

Guroktaru asked him again.

“Who are you? How can you speak our tongue?”

Jin-Woo ignored the Orc’s words and slowly made his way over to them. Realising that the human male had no intentions to answer back,
Guroktaru bared its fangs and shouted out.


The brave Orc warriors pounced on Jin-Woo all at once after hearing the Chieftain’s order.



When they did… the time froze.

Within this freeze-frame of a moment, Jin-Woo leisurely walked in between the Orcs that were moving agonisingly slowly, and proceeded
to destroy them one by one.

He didn’t even need to take his weapons out. He only needed to use his finger. Every time Jin-Woo’s finger brushed by an Orc, heads,
shoulders, wrists, waists and midriffs of the monsters exploded into bits. And after utterly destroying over twenty Orcs in one blink of an

Jin-Woo stood before Guroktaru.

The Orc Chieftain could only barely keep up with Jin-Woo’s afterimage with its eyes. Its trembling lips parted with much difficulty.


It didn’t even have a chance to swing its scimitar. Jin-Woo’s left hand grabbed Guroktaru’s mouth and jaw, and the Orc could only whimper


Jin-Woo walked forward just like that and slammed the Orc’s head against the corridor’s wall.


The empty corridor reverberated with the thunderous boom.

Jin-Woo’s gaze shifted towards either end of the corridor. It was filled with the remains of the students. It was truly a hard-to-look
gruesome sight to behold.

However, Jin-Woo didn’t avert his gaze and imprinted the sight of every single one of these kids in his mind, just so he could demand
reparations from the guilty one responsible.

Jin-Woo shifted his eyes to Guroktaru.


His voice was incomparably icy.

“Why does your kind want to kill humans to this extreme level?”

Guroktaru had long lost its desire to resist and could only tremble in fear as it replied.

“In, in our heads, telling us…. to kill humans….”

Jin-Woo became momentarily confused.
‘Kill humans?’

He had heard of the exact same thing before. But, back then, he interpreted the word ‘humans’ as another term for ‘Hunters’.

But it seemed that the word ‘human’ really did mean all humans, now that he got to hear this monster’s reply.

“Then? What about me?”

Jin-Woo asked the Orc again.

“Do you not hear the voice telling you to kill me?”

He brought his face closer.

It was inevitable that Guroktaru would look into Jin-Woo’s eyes. The Orc began shaking its head and shivered hard as if it had discovered
something in there.

“F, f-forgive…. Forgive, me….”

Something impossible happened. The brave and mighty great warrior of the Orc race began shedding tears like a little child. Jin-Woo felt
the inside of his head suddenly cool off as he watched the terrified monster cowering before him.

‘So, that’s how it is….’

He was not being seen as a human even in this guy’s head, was that it?

‘….Well, it doesn’t really matter.’

Jin-Woo wasn’t all that interested in how monsters viewed him. No, he simply killed them because they were out to harm humans.

Guroktaru shivered and continued sob as the fear it couldn’t overcome completely enveloped it.

“Please…. forgive…..”

Jin-Woo replied.

“I’ll forgive you.”

And then, he summoned the ‘Demon King’s Shortsword’.

“However, do not think that the process will be a painless one for you.”

The Knight Order Guild’s assault team could only gasp out in astonishment while spectating on the battles of the monsters.


“H-how could it be….”

How could anyone call this a raid now? Because, the ants very easily subdued the undead monsters and then, began greedily devouring