Jin-Woo’s hardened complexion was now dyed in the darkness of rage.

He very cautiously separated his sister from him as she tried hard not to leave his side. He then called out his Shadow Soldiers matching
the exact number of the surviving students.

“Everyone, follow my summons out of the building.”

The students nodded their heads, and the soldiers proceeded to pick up them up in an embrace. As for Jin-Ah, he entrusted her especially
to Igrit.

“Please wait for me downstairs, okay? I’m going to join you very soon after dealing with this.”

Normally, Jin-Ah would try to stop her oppa, telling him that they should go together regardless of whether he was a rank S Hunter or not.
No, she’d still say that even if he was something greater.

But now…. She couldn’t do that.

Because, Jin-Woo’s current expression was far, far too scary for her to say those words. So, Jin-Ah could only nod her head.

Jin-Woo gave out his signal, and the soldiers carrying the students jumped outside of the destroyed wall one by one. Orcs in the corridor
flinched slightly at the sight of the almost-caught prey making their escape. When that happened, Jin-Woo glared at them with his ice-cold

“I told you not to move.”

Like some kind of a lie, all Orcs stopped moving altogether. None of them could go against his glare.

One of the Orcs, its complexion utterly pale, sneaked its gaze around and cautiously whispered to Guroktaru.



Guroktaru was in agreement with that Orc, though.

It was true that right now wasn’t the time to care about those weak prey escaping. No, they should be minding the ‘hunter’ right in front of
their eyes. A fight between hunters would commence very soon, where who eats who would be determined.

‘Even then…. We can’t let them get away that easily.’
Guroktaru sent out a sneaky little signal, and two of its guards moved without making any sounds.

After confirming that all of the students had left the classroom safely, Jin-Woo turned around to face the Orcs. He didn’t let them leave
because he was worried about them getting injured.

‘These measly Orcs….’