Jin-Woo raised his head and quietly spoke.

“Shut your mouth and quietly wait for your turn over there.”

A human just used the language of the Orcs?
The Orc’s surprise lasted only for a moment.

Perhaps it was because of the power carried in that man’s voice, none of the Orcs, which included Guroktaru itself, could even dare to
budge an inch from the spot.


“Cough, cough.”

Jin-Woo gently patted Jin-Ah’s back as she continued to cough and wheeze while he carefully checked to see if she had sustained any
injuries. Thankfully, he couldn’t see any.

….With the sole exception of the handprint clearly visible on her neck, that was. Jin-Woo asked, his expression hard and unforgiving.

“Are you alright?”


Jin-Ah finally stopped coughing and jumped into his embrace, tears streaming from her eyes.

Jin-Woo gently stroked her hair as if he was soothing a scared child.


‘Jin-Ah’s Oppa… that means….?’


The students finally realised who the man in front of their eyes was. He was Seong Jin-Woo, a Hunter ranked S!

‘We’re saved!!’

The students confirmed Jin-Woo’s face and began sobbing again. These tears weren’t of despair and fear like the ones from before, but
were formed from the mixture of joy and relief they felt.

“Sob, sob…”

“It’s fine now. I’m here, so everything will be okay.”

Jin-Woo gently soothed his sobbing sister, while extending his sensory perception to the rest of the school. And, within this large school
building, the only presence of humans he could pick up on was…. 17.